Camel – lady fantasy (Lady Fantasy-1974)

Listen very carefully, my words are about to unfold
Concerning a lady I`ve seen but I never could hold
I can see by your smile,
Take a long while,
The words that come through,
I see that they`re true,
For she reminds me of you. 

Don`t misunderstand me, it`s not always easy to say
The words in your head and your heart that you just can`t explain
I can see clearly,
A face in the sky,
Moon`s in your eye,
You`re passing me by.
Tell me the reason why. 

I can see clearly,
A face in the sky,
Moon`s in your eye,
You`re passing me by. 

Saw you riding on a moon cloud,
Saw you walking on a whirlpool,
From the corner of my eye,
I saw you. 

Saw you sitting on a sunbeam,
In the middle of my daydream,
Oh my Lady Fantasy,
I love you.


Dormim o treime din viata, o treime din timp muncim, ramane o treime, din care o treime nu esti, o treime e-a noastra si-inca o treime traim alte vieti, nu e viata asta o hoata?


One Response to “Camel – lady fantasy (Lady Fantasy-1974)”

  1. 1 Mélanie

    from my inbox, iata-o pe fiica lui Will Smith, Willow(how original!)… de unde expresia „aschia nu sare departe de trunchi…” 🙂

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